Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Little Bird

My Little Bird (herein after referred to as "Bird") inspired me to Blog.  Bird blogs to keep her friends informed of her daily thoughts and activities so I shall do the same.

This blog's for you, Bird.

My thoughts for the day:

1. Blogs are a FANTASTIC way to procrastinate. 

2. Bird, I am sorry about what I said earlier regarding your blog being as deep as the shallow end of a kiddie pool.  But com'on, how funny was that?!

3. I can not wait to hug and kiss you ALL day tomorrow, you almost birthday Bird!! I looooove you!!!!!!!!!

4. Salt &Vinegar potato chips do a number on my mouth. The roof is cut up, my tongue is sore and my throat hurts. It's like eating tasty glass. How do you do it?

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