Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Letter to BoB

Dear Condo Building (aka, "Baghdad of Bethesda" or "BoB"),

I understand you're probably angry that someone tried to burn you down yesterday evening.  However, I don't think that gives you the right to take it out on ALL of your residents.  While most of us have thought about torching you, very few have actually attempted it, so cut us some slack.
I'm not sure if your "water pressure trick" this morning was meant to send us a message or to conserve water after wasting it yesterday salvaging your interior, but either way, it was NOT appreciated.
If indeed you were trying to teach us a lesson, turning the water to a mere trickle just makes us want to burn you down even more.  And frankly, the only lesson I learned this morning was that I somehow STILL run out of hot water after 4 minutes - even if it's coming out one drip at a time.  God, I hate you BoB.
And if it was a conservation attempt - that failed too.  It took me approximately 17 times longer than my regular shower to rinse the shampoo and conditioner out of my hair - which, by the way, felt GREAT using ice cold water.  God, I hate you BoB.
However, if your goal was start my morning off miserably, ensure that I got to work late, and suffer terrible hair day due to the remainder of conditioner I couldn't get out .... KUDOS!  Job well done.

I hate you,

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